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Local police say they are investigating after worried dog owners have reported raw meat and other food being dumped on the grass at Turnham Green between the church and the High Road.

The police are anxious to contact two men who have been spotted in the area, one of them is described as elderly with a white beard, who pushes a shopping trolley. Deposits of pork fat, liver, sausages and bread have been reported. Another elderly man, said to be of Asian appearance, has been seen dumping porridge and rice.

And other reports have described a man, aged in his forties, who wears a flat cap and is seen offering bread to the pigeons.

The police have stepped up patrols in the area and the Environmental Health department of Hounslow Council is sending enforcement officers to the area.

The large grassy area around Christ Church Turnham Green is not covered by CCTV cameras.

One dog owner reported that her pet became ill after eating meat left lying in the open. However the meat has not been tested so it is not known if there was any toxicity involved.

There are also reports of large amounts of bread being left in the area, presumably to feed pigeons which are congregating in the area of the church.

Hounslow Council is sending enforcement officers to the area, and signs will be posted informing the public that feeding pigeons is an offence.

Sgt Dave Turtle of Chiswick Police Station said that anyone with any information should call the police at 101.




April 29, 2016

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