Panic Alarms For Parking Wardens

Could this be the way to coax them out of shop doorways?

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A recent thread on the forum raised the question of whether traffic wardens - or Civil Enforcement Officers to give them their correct name - are trained in the art of hiding in shop doorways ready to jump on motorists who break the rules of the road.

One member wrote, "Watched a traffic warden in operation tonight whilst waiting for a bus. He was hiding in Town Hall Avenue near the junction of CHR. When a car parked outside Blockbusters he would nip across the road, ticket him, take a photo of his tax disc, number plate and and also the yellow restriction sign. Then would return to his hideout."

Another agreed stating, "I always wonder why it is necessary for the Traffic Wardens to hide round corners and even under a set of iron staircase outside my office, as the driver leaves the vehicle a ticket is issued within minutes and the warden returns to their hiding place. This practice continues for sometime, more so when it’s beginning to get dark. Perhaps this is part of their training."

Motorists caught out in this way will be interested in a new initiative by a London Authority to give CEOs panic alarms.

Although these have been issued to allay fears of attacks by members of the public, the alarms also carry 'global positioning system technology' to enable the CEOs' movements to be tracked.

In addition they can enable the council to re-deploy attendants from one area to another if parked cars need to be moved.

A spokesperson for Hounslow Council's parking department told, "Attacks on wardens are always of concern. There have been developments in the industry that we are watching with interest, but have no plans to follow Southwark at present."


March 12, 2009