Residents Anger At High Road's 'Bus Car Park'

Claiming Shift Changeover Site Causes Blind Spot and Slows Traffic

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Local residents and businesses have expressed concern that east end of the High Road appears to be turning into a ‘bus car park’. Their concerns focus on the stretch of road around the junction of Merton Avenue and the High Road believing that problems began when the traffic lights were sited close to Stamford Brook Bus Garage. Now bus drivers stop at the junction of Merton Avenue to change shifts which residents say causes a blind spot for drivers and obstructs the flow of traffic.

Hounslow Council’s Chris Calvi-Freeman told “The Council and London United agreed, before the new traffic signals were commissioned at the end of 2006, that the driver changeover points would be westbound - Chiswick High Road immediately west of Airedale Ave and eastbound - Chiswick High Road immediately east of Merton Ave. These locations provide the least possible disruption for through traffic including other buses.”

However, locals remain unhappy with the situation believing that the planning of the changeover site has been badly managed.

A resident of Merton Avenue said “I went into Frankies and they are not happy at all with regard this issue as they wanted the bus stop moved from the front of their restaurant. They told me that when TfL and the council was doing all the work on the High Road last year, they refused this request. Workers in the two office buildings are also unhappy as they are blocked in every day by the buses at some point. They informed me that they have written to council with regard to being blocked in and did not get the response they wanted which was the bus operator being fined or taken to task.”

Chris Calvi-Freeman explained “Every route 27 bus has a driver changeover at Stamford Brook - either westbound or eastbound. This requirement emerged once London United secured the route 27 contract, which was after the new traffic signals and junction configuration were finalised in 2005/6. The number of buses changing drivers is therefore a concern and the Council is currently working with TfL (London Buses) to develop further options for driver changeovers. Meanwhile, the Council expects London United to ensure that the changeovers are rapid and efficient (c 2 minutes). There should be no excuse for buses to "park up" for extended periods.”

April 26, 2007