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Fury Over CPZs For Grove Park

Wide-ranging CPZ Consultation Sought By Councillors

Controversial CPZ In Grove Park Begins

Dismay Over Community 'Divided Over CPZ

Fury Over Grove Park CPZ 'Trojan Horse'

Agenda for Delegated Decision Meeting

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A special meeting of the Chiswick Area Forum to discuss the issue of controlled parking has decided that the existing Grove Park CPZ should remain in force and two new consultations will be prepared.

The meeting in St Michael's Church, Elmwood Road, was well-attended with local councillors and members of the public discussing the issue which has proven to be a divisive one for the Grove Park area.

There were three main conclusions from the meeting;

The current CPZ scheme for Park Road and Staveley Road will remain without in force without any amendments.

LBH Officers will now prepare a detailed design for an extension to the existing CPZ scheme into a number of streets who are seeking a CPZ for their areas - these streets are Cedars Road, Elmwood Road, Eastbourne Road, Milnthorpe Road Staveley Road (‘western arm’) Lawford Road, Chatsworth Road. Chesterfield Road is to be added to the list and included in advancing the CPZ proposals to detailed design.

When Councillors have approved the detailed design residents will be consulted on the scheme. The results of this consultation will be brought back to the Area Forum for a final decision.

Officers will also consult ALL the other households in the Riverside Ward which had hitherto not been consulted, to establish the views of these residents on a CPZ; The results of this consultation will be brought to the same Chiswick Area Forum as the results of the other consultation.

Last year the vicar of St Michael's, the Rev Martine Oborne, called on people to be good neighbours and find the best solution over the issue of controlled parking which has caused considerable tension in Grove Park.

The map of a potentially expanded scheme can be seen in the image below.

The controversial issue of CPZ for Grove Park started when Cllr Ed Mayne (who then held responsibility for parking) allowed a temporary CPZ in Park Road and Staveley Road east following the introduction of parking charges in the Chiswick House Car Park.

Last year it was revealed that several other steets had asked for CPZ for their areas due to congestion from displacement parking.

January 31, 2015


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