Barnes Passage Gets a Spring Clean

Residents invited to organise their own neighbourhood clean-up

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Officers from the Council’s Community Environment Team (CET) got into their overalls this week (Tuesday 3 April) to give Barnes Passage in Chiswick a much-needed spring-clean, as part of London’s Capital Clean up Campaign.

Barnes Passage is a 1.3 km public alleyway running from Barnes Bridge to Chiswick Mainline Station. It is regularly used by many local residents, and also easily viewed by rail passengers. The alleyway had been extensively covered in graffiti along its entire length for some time.

Community Environment Team officer Yvonne Lennon, who oversees the Council’s Graffiti Removal team, said: “I thought this would be an ideal project for the CET to do, as removal of the graffiti will have a major positive impact on the local area.

“Everyone joined in and worked really hard to paint over as much of the graffiti as we could in one day. We also had help from Sgt Andrew Hart and four other police officers from Chiswick Riverside Ward who joined in the clean-up.In total, we used up 260 litres of paint and managed to complete half of the alleyway - about 650m.”

The CET is organising a second clean-up to tackle the remainder of the passage in a few weeks’ time.

The local Safer Neighbourhoods Team will also be patrolling the area regularly to record any new graffiti that appears, and to catch the perpetrators.

If you would like to organise a community clean-up in your area, contact the Community Environment Team on T: 020 8583 5555 or email

April 6, 2007