Property Sales Still Show Rising Prices

Average home price in Chiswick up by 24.1% over the year

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The latest detailed sales figures from the Land Registry show that Chiswick property prices were continuing to rise up until the end of the second quarter. This was despite interest rate rises during the period.

In the second quarter of the year so far the average price in Chiswick is £553,941 compared to £537,057 at the end of the first quarter and £446,052 at the end of June 2006 a rise of 24.1% over that period.

In May the average property changed hands for £573,281 and in June this has risen to £686,962 although this average is based on a relatively small number of properties.

May and June have seen a renewed uptick particularly at the top end of the market. Some local estate agents believe this may be the delayed effect of City bonuses.

The table below shows the details of individual property transactions in the Chiswick area most recently reported to the Land Registry.

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Date Address
31-May-07 12, Wolseley Gardens W4 3LP £729,950
31-May-07 60, Grove Park Road W4 3SD £920,000
31-May-07 28, Flat 1 Basement, Saville Road W4 5HG £331,150
30-May-07 82, Southfield Road W4 1AZ £385,000
30-May-07 23, Upham Park Road W4 1PQ £899,950
30-May-07 41b, Graham Road W4 5DR £265,000
30-May-07 2b, Fairlawn Grove W4 5EH £225,000
29-May-07 Hartington Court, 2, Hartington Road W4 3TT £250,000
29-May-07 13, Watchfield Court W4 4NB £535,000
29-May-07 108, Rothschild Road W4 5NS £345,000
25-May-07 Jonathan Court, 8, Windmill Road W4 1SA £362,686
25-May-07 130, Staveley Gardens W4 2SF £290,000
25-May-07 12, Staveley Road W4 3ES £925,000
25-May-07 7, Sutton Lane North W4 4LA £550,000
25-May-07 Belgrave Court, Flat 18, Wellesley Road W4 4LG £300,000
25-May-07 Beverley Court, 12, Wellesley Road W4 4LQ £317,000
25-May-07 1, Addison Terrace W4 5RF £456,601
24-May-07 35, Duke Road W4 2BA £800,075
22-May-07 136, St Albans Avenue W4 5JR £400,000
21-May-07 40, C, Harvard Road W4 4EA £250,000
18-May-07 80, Whellock Road W4 1DZ £532,000
18-May-07 40, The Avenue W4 1HR £710,000
18-May-07 21 Homecross House, Flat 38, Fishers Lane W4 1YA £246,000
18-May-07 4, Binns Road W4 2BS £680,000
18-May-07 Monet House, Flat 2, Pumping Station Road W4 2SL £372,500
18-May-07 10, Stile Hall Gardens W4 3BP £807,000
18-May-07 66, Chiswick Village W4 3BZ £272,000
18-May-07 34, Compton Crescent W4 3JA £710,000
18-May-07 Hartington Court, 34, Hartington Road W4 3TT £312,500
18-May-07 24, Flat 1, Wellesley Road W4 4BN £372,000
18-May-07 40 Carelia Court, Flat 8, Graham Road W4 5DR £445,000
18-May-07 4, Ivy Crescent W4 5NG £548,000
17-May-07 21, Fairlawn Avenue W4 5EF £900,000
17-May-07 167, Southfield Road W4 5LB £328,000
16-May-07 18, Hatfield Road W4 1AF £693,279
16-May-07 22, Flat 3, Ennismore Avenue W4 1SF £445,000
16-May-07 40 Carelia Court, Flat 4, Graham Road W4 5DR £420,000
16-May-07 40 Carelia Court, Flat 10, Graham Road W4 5DR £465,000
15-May-07 6, South Parade W4 1JU £1,400,000
15-May-07 12 Nicholas Mews, 5, Short Road W4 2QU £495,000
14-May-07 70, Staveley Gardens W4 2SA £218,000
11-May-07 Parr Place 23-27, Flat 11, Chiswick High Road W4 2ET £540,000
11-May-07 Lowry Court, Flat 1, Pumping Station Road W4 2SL £378,500
11-May-07 425, Flat 1, Chiswick High Road W4 4AR £375,000
11-May-07 40 Carelia Court, Flat 1, Graham Road W4 5DR £460,000
11-May-07 34a, Acton Lane W4 5ED £465,000
11-May-07 223, Wilkinson Way W4 5XL £225,000
10-May-07 10, Strauss Road W4 1DL £613,000
10-May-07 58, Flanders Road W4 1NG £1,075,000
10-May-07 164, Sutton Court Road W4 3HR £900,000
10-May-07 18, Flat 7, Bolton Road W4 3TB £605,000
10-May-07 58, Fairlawn Grove W4 5EH £960,000
09-May-07 1 Chiswick Green Studios, Flat 37, Evershed Walk W4 5BW £225,000
09-May-07 40 Carelia Court, Flat 6, Graham Road W4 5DR £405,000
09-May-07 17, Kent Road W4 5EY £660,000
08-May-07 9, Duke Road W4 2BA £671,000
04-May-07 St Catherines Court, 3, Bedford Road W4 1UH £330,000
04-May-07 4, Osier Mews W4 2NT £750,000
04-May-07 34, Burlington Lane W4 2RR £580,000
04-May-07 43, Grantham Road W4 2RT £695,000
04-May-07 Burlington Court, Flat 5b, Spencer Road W4 3SY £226,000
04-May-07 19, Foster Road W4 4NY £1,400,000
04-May-07 40 Carelia Court, Flat 9, Graham Road W4 5DR £455,000
04-May-07 128a, St Albans Avenue W4 5JR £490,109
04-May-07 34, Weston Road W4 5NH £370,000
03-May-07 10, Woodstock Road W4 1UE £1,925,000
03-May-07 53, Flat C, Ellesmere Road W4 3EA £275,000
03-May-07 48, Beaumont Road W4 5AP £770,000
03-May-07 1 Chiswick Green Studios, Flat 32, Evershed Walk W4 5BW £1,100,000
02-May-07 5, Roman Road W4 1NA £532,500
02-May-07 138, Duke Road W4 2DF £1,000,000
02-May-07 15, Airedale Avenue W4 2NW £1,453,767
01-May-07 17, Windmill Road W4 1RN £750,000
01-May-07 21 Homecross House, Flat 85, Fishers Lane W4 1YB £175,000
01-May-07 136, Sutton Court W4 3EF £252,500

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Source: Land Registry

February 13, 2008