ISSUE: Turnham Green Tube

Ann Keen MP for Brentford & Isleworth Comments on the Turnham Green Issue.

Statement on the Piccadilly Line Stopping at Turnham Green Tube

I think it is important to comment on the following.

I have taken into account the representations from individuals and letters on the campaign to have the Piccadilly Line stop at Turnham Green. I have met with senior officers from London Underground on my request on two occasions and spoken to them extensively on this issue.

There were a number of key points that must be highlighted:

As we all know the recent engineering works on the District Line between Earls Court and the High Street Kensington has been disruptive but it is very necessary to ensure the future safe running of the railway. The work must take place as London Underground has an obligation above all else to maintain safety standards.

The reasoning behind London Transport's decision is in fact very straightforward. The implications for trains to be able to stop in the short term without reducing peak and off peak services on the Piccadilly Line, is very serious. For other users of the Piccadilly Line the overcrowding is already a big issue and their journeys would become more difficult and uncomfortable as it is already operating at full capacity. More importantly it would also create safety problems at key stations such as Kings Cross and Holborn, causing enormous congestion overload.

At a time when investment is needed across the network the funds required to implement this change in both signalling and trains would be in excess of an upgrade of the line which has been planned for 2010- 2015. This huge expense would significantly take away from overall investment on the underground.

I know people in the area will be disappointed but I also know that they will understand that the Piccadilly Line stopping at Turnham Green cannot happen. I have decided to present these facts before it becomes yet another easy bandwagon for political parties to use. Anyone, who claims anything different, will be deliberately misleading my constituents.

Ann Keen MP

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