ISSUE: Turnham Green Tube

Tim Mack Argues that it is not the current management of LUL that will be making the decision on Turnham Green.

Tim Mack is the Conservative Prospective Parlimentary Candidate for Brentford & Isleworth. He is a leading organiser of the recent petition on the issue.

The deteriorating tube service at Turnham Green is a vital issue for local people and none of us should give up campaigning until it gets better.
Turnham Green is a key tube and bus interchange for passengers throughout West London who are supporting us.

The following two reasons have prompted the recent campaigning by local people,
1) The imminent transfer of responsibility for the tube to Transport for London under Bob Kiley.
2) The chaos caused by District line cutbacks during essential maintenance

The nearly 8,000 strong STOP campaign petition (Stop at Turnham Green On the Piccadilly line) requests that,

" Transport for London, give priority to the stopping of Piccadilly Line trains all day at Turnham Green station".

The fact that the District Line service has not operated at target levels since 1998 and is now severely restricted during maintenance work means that LUL should be called to account to improve the service on our behalf. Your comments about the District Line providing a "fast efficient and safe service" do not represent the reality.

The current management are running a poor service that has been starved of investment and vision. It is clear from the GLA meetings that Ken Livingstone and Bob Kiley are well on the way to recruiting a new management to raise investment and bring new vision as soon as the Government allow them to get on with the job.

Consequently the long-term view of the current management is irrelevant. Their current plans are for upgrades in 2004 and 2010-15 so why assume that some improvements cannot be made in 2004 or much earlier?

London Underground's comments look even more ridiculous because Piccadilly Line trains are currently stopping during the day at Turnham Green.

The STOP campaigners discussed all of the issues reported last week, and much more, at a meeting with London Underground some weeks ago. We are now awaiting a reply to the detailed summary of our analysis and suggestions as follows,

1. Reduction in the impact of track repairs and signal upgrades needed to restore District Line reliability and reduce noise.
2. Better train/time information at West London stations.
3. Improvements on the platforms to reduce harassment.
4. Train shuttle services during periods of engineering works.
5. Extended times for early and late stopping of Piccadilly Line trains at Turnham Green.
6. Use of Piccadilly Line trains at District Line platforms in West London.
7. An all-day Piccadilly Line service at Turnham Green Station.

Therefore, while engaged in a dialogue with LUL over the short-term crisis, our main objective is a long-term solution from the new management.

I welcome any and all contributions to improve the service but from the report it seems our own MP, perhaps unwittingly, has become a voice for the outgoing management of LUL.

Tim Mack
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Brentford & Isleworth


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