Noel Gallagher laments friendless days in Chiswick

Oasis star preferred the company of strangers in Camden

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In a BBC radio interview to be broadcast this weekend Noel Gallagher relates how Chiswick's night life held little attraction for him when he lived in the area.

In the interview with Steve Lamacq to be broadcast on BBC 6 Music on the 12th September, Gallagher said, "When I moved to London and although this sounds very very sad, the rest of the band they'd go back up to Manchester and I didn't know anyone in London and I had a flat way out in Chiswick which was miles away."

Noel would take the cab to Camden on a Friday night and although he didn't know anyone there claims to have regularly stayed out until Monday afternoon.

The experience didn't completely put him off the area however as he has returned to work in local recording studios and has occasionally been spotted on the High Road.

Oasis have released a DVD of their debut album 'Definitely Maybe’ to coincide with its 10th anniversary. The full interview goes out on 6 Music this Sunday September 12th between 2-5pm.

September 10, 2004