Local youngsters threatened with Stanley knife

Fat robber's actions too much even for members of his gang

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The Police in Chiswick


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Two young boys from the Chiswick area were subjected to a frightening attack near Turnham Green Terrace recently. The incident tool place on Thornton Avenue on Sunday 13th February at around 9.40pm.

The boys had just got off the tube at Turnham Green when they noticed a gang of four youths behaving aggressively and deliberately bumping into people to provoke a confrontation. The boys went into a local shop to avoid the group because they felt threatened. Inside the shop they put their mobile phones down their trousers.

They heard one of the group say something like, "my ute stay there." They were not sure if this was one of the gang addressing another by his name or street slang. They decided to run off but one of the boy's phones fell on the floor and he stopped to pick it up. The youths caught up with him and one of the group said, "I'm gonna stab him" and produced a silver coloured Stanley knife. Another of the group was unhappy at his associate's actions and said, "Man this is out of order."

The boy had his pockets gone through and the gang stole £5 in cash from him. Only two of the group were actively engaged in the robbery.

The youth with the knife is described as fat, black, aged about 16 wearing a black Nike jacket with a grey hood. The other main protagonist was described as Somalian with brown eyes and aged around 16. The third suspect, who did not participate in the robbery was described as Chinese, aged around 17 with a navy blue track suit. The fourth member of the group was white, aged around 17 with a 'blackeyes' design cap and a grey hooded tracksuit.

If you have any information on this incident you are asked to call PC Be Bradshaw on 020 8247 5940.

March 4, 2005