Teenager victim of violent boys on bikes robbery

Police appeal for information regarding the Barrowgate attack

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The Police in Chiswick


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Police are searching for three boys on bikes who attempted to rob a 15 year old boy before punching him in the face.

The incident occured at 1540 on Weds 6 April in Barrowgate Road and was first reported on chiswickW4.com's forum by the victim's mother.

The three suspects told the victim, who was on his own bike, to empty his pockets. They then asked for the bike padlock's combination before punching the victim in the face three times.

The police are looking for suspects matching the following descriptions... 5'11 medium/heavy build, baseball cap, brown hair, shiny blue tracksuit London accent. 5'9 slim build short black hair 2cm long London accent 6'0, white but darker-skinned, light brown hair spiky at the front.

Any information call PC Liz Potter 8247 5940


April 14, 2005