Chiswick artist in plea for lost painting

Gift for Footballers' Wives star stolen from Thamesside flat

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Ex Footballer's Wives actress Susie Amy, alias "Chardonnay" is to miss out on a birthday gift that was to be presented to her by her friend, Mexican-American artist, Normandy Barcelo Soto.

Normandy had completed a piece of abstract art as a gift for Susie and had it hanging up to dry in the stairwell outside his Thameside apartment in Regency Quay, Chiswick. It was from here that this valuable piece of work was stolen by someone who managed to enter the building past the security systems at the gated community.

Normandy first noticed the painting had gone missing on the morning of May 5th 2005 at approximately 8.00am. After having questioned his neighbours, none of whom had heard or seen anything, he contacted the police to report the theft.

This is a double blow for Normandy as not only has his surprise for Susie been ruined, but as an up and coming artist, he has lost one of his treasured pieces. He had previously given another celebrity friend of his, Zoe Lucker alias "Tania Turner" of the same show, a small painting for her birthday.

The Police are investigating the disappearance of the art piece and would appreciate any information that would result in finding it and returning it to its rightful owner so that it may still be presented to the birthday girl.

The stolen art work is painted on canvas and is a unique abstract expressionist piece painted using a rust/metallic effect. There was a special private birthday greeting on the back of the painting. It was a large square canvas art piece in Normandy's trademark "Rust Paint" and surrealist Automatism abstract work a homage to Action Painting of the likes of Jackson Pollock, Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky.

If you have any information regarding the possible whereabouts of it please contact you local Police. Call 020 8247 6485 if you have any information relating to this crime.

Other enquires regarding information on obtaining similar art work can be made at or

Normandy is offering a £2,500.00 REWARD for the safe return of this Art Work Normandy's last words when questioned were "I'll keep my fingers crossed!!"

June 1, 2005