Hand gun used in Grove Park robbery

Couple accosted whilst walking to Chiswick station

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A 31 year old male was threatened with a hand gun whilst walking with his girlfriend to Chiswick mainline station.

The incident happened on Saturday 12th November 2005 at 17.15 whilst the couple walked along Burlington Lane close to Chiswick Community School.

The victim was accosted by a male suspect who threatened him with a black handgun and demanded money. The victim handed £30 to the suspect who thanked him and made off without causing any injuries.

The suspect was described as a black male, 16 years old, around 5’8”, wearing a dark green hooded top covering his head and a red and black scarf with white colouring covering his face.

Anyone with information is asked to contact DC Andy MacGill in the Robbery Squad on 020 8247 5940.

November 22, 2005