Sweet sixteen party turns sour

Guests robbed by knife carrying youths during house party

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A sixteen year old's birthday party turned into a nightmare when three youths robbed party guests.

The incident happened last Friday 30th December at the teenager's home in Evelyn Road off Acton Lane.

Around 10.00pm, when the party was in full swing, three youths carrying knives forced their way into the flat.  A male party guest did challenge the trio which led to him being assaulted. 

The party guests, all teenagers from various schools around the area, were then told to hand over their mobile phones.  An I-Pod was also stolen during the robbery which lasted literally minutes.

Descriptions of the three youths, one white and two black, have been given to Police.

Officers from Ealing Borough are currently looking into the incident and ask that any information regarding this robbery be directed to PC Cook, DI Neville or DI West on 020 810 1212.

January 6, 2006