Man charged with Chiswick break-ins

Residents urged to make life hard for would be burglars

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The Police in Chiswick


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Following last week's warning toChiswick residents to be more security conscious, Police have told that a suspect has been arrested in Twickenham and charged with a number of Chiswick burglaries that were featured on the site.

Chiswick Police issued a warning to residents not to leave their doors unlocked following a spate of overnight break-ins whereby suspects have entered the homes through unlocked doors.

"There has not been a specific rise in burglary figures but life could be made a little harder for any would be burglar by locking your doors," said a Police spokesperson.

Any information on any burglaries in Chiswick would be welcomed by the Burglary squad on 020 8247 5940.

The Crime Prevention Officer is available for advice on 020 8247 6567.

March 10, 2006