Passerby traps suspected thief inside car

Brave witness stops vehicle from being ransacked

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A passerby who witnessed a car being broken into managed to trap a suspected thief inside the car he was attempting to ransack.

The incident happened on Tuesday 18th April 2006 at 20.45 as the 59 year old witness made his way along Addison Grove.

His suspicion was aroused when saw the suspect walking along Fairfax Road, looking into parked cars. The suspect entered a silver BMW 745LI saloon which was parked in Addison Grove close to the junction with Fairfax Road and began searching the glove compartment.

The brave witness shut the car door in order to trap the suspect inside. However, the suspect managed to get out, causing the witness to fall over and cut his head on the pavement.  The suspect ran off in the direction of Bath Road empty handed.

The suspect was described as a white male, around 25 years old, 5’10”, athletic build, mousy hair brushed forward in a French crop with a widows peak, dark jacket, white shirt, beige cords, cream Prada style trainers.

Any information to the Crime Management Unit on 020 8247 6485 please.

April 25, 2006