Local force plan extensive World Cup policing

Additional police presence during games to prevent anti-social behaviour

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The Police in Chiswick


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As a number of local residents will no doubt be aware the World Cup tournament kicks off in Germany on Friday 9th June 2006 and England is scheduled to play their first game on Saturday 10th June.

Despite the tournament being held in Germany, extensive planning has been carried out in order to police this event in Chiswick.

Local police will be working closely with the licensing community to tackle anti-social behaviour and Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be reminding licensees that they have a responsibility during the World Cup tournament to avoid serving drinks to underage persons or those who are clearly beyond their limits.

A spokesperson for the Police said "Anyone breaching or attempting to breach a banning order will be arrested and further sanctions will be sought through the courts.

Violence or anti social behaviour in the name of football, or otherwise, will not be tolerated."

In order to deal with any such problems that may occur, Hounslow Police will have an additional policing presence on the days that England are playing and during any other games which are risk assessed as requiring them.

"We want this tournament to be a pleasant and enjoyable event for everyone."


May 25, 2006