Thieves make the most of the hot weather

Police issue caution against leaving valuables on show

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On Sunday 11th June 2006 between 22.30 and 23.00 a resident of Ravensmede Way (close to the Chiswick High Road) had his lap top stolen through an open window.

The 21 year old man had been using his lap top in his room which is on the ground floor close to the High Road.

An unknown person reached in the open window, disconnected the computer and made off with it.

The lap top was an Acer Aspile, value about £800.

Police issued a caution to remind the public about leaving property in full view and unattended in the home, especially in the hot weather when windows are left open.

Any information to PS Tony Shilling in the Burglary Squad on 020 8247 5940 please.

Crime Prevention advice is available on 020 8247 6423.

June 13, 2006