Rena Salmon’s Prison Suicide Bid foiled

Equilibrium killer haunted by "visits" from Lorna and has made friends with Maxine Carr


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Rena Salmon, the woman sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Lorna Stewart a year ago this week, has been put on 24 hour suicide watch after prison officers found a large quantity of pain killing drugs in her cell.

During her trial, the court heard about her troubled childhood and how devastated she was when her husband Paul left her to be with Ms Stewart. Even so the prosecution proved that Ms Salmon shot her husband’s new love in cold blood in the basement of the former Equilibrium Salon on the Chiswick High Road and the verdict of murder as opposed to manslaughter was given.

Floral tributes outside the shop where the shooting occurred

From her cell in HMP Bullwood Hall near Hockley, Essex, Rena Salmon claims she is haunted each day by ‘visits'’ from Lorna Stewart saying “Lorna is with me day and night. I don't want to be here. I want to die. I should have died that day.''

Salmon is presently being treated with drugs for depression and chronic pain disorder and has admitted to hoarding pills for “future use''.Prison staff had already planned to put her on special watch all day and night on Wednesday, the first anniversary of the shooting but have now put her under permanent surveillance.

In her prison diaries Salmon writes of her friendship with Soham accused Maxine Carr stating “I value the friendship we have built up and the comfort she offered me during my own trial. Whatever the trial outcome, I want to remain a true friend.''

She has told friends she might be able to cope with prison provided she had regular visits from her two children Ben and Jasmin. The court is yet to rule on the frequency of their visits.

September 8th , 2003