Inspector Ged Boyer responds to local concerns

Suggestions of apathy or indifference to crime dismissed

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As the Inspector in charge of Chiswick I wish to reassure readers of that the police do monitor this website and discussion forum and take notice of the concerns raised.

However I have taken the decision for my staff not to respond to individual messages. This is neither due to indifference or apathy, but that it would be a disproportionate use of police time entering into lengthy debates, rather than dealing with the issues raised.

In relation to the boys on bikes issue, I must point out that not all youths who happen to ride a bike and wear a hooded top can be classed as criminals. However local officers have been tasked for some time now with targeting youths on bikes in response to local concerns, stopping them whenever possible and then dealing with them as the circumstances of each incident dictate.

If my officers do not witness the crime we need people who are prepared to provide a written statement and give evidence in court to any prosecutions.

If anyone has actually witnessed a recent crime being committed, please contact my officers on 020 8247 6415 and we shall seek to identify and prosecute the suspects involved.

It may interest residents to know that the tactics being used are having effect. In the last three-months, Chiswick crime figures show that residential burglary is down by 26% and street crime is down by 35%. Whilst I accept that there is concern about crime, the reality is that it is being reduced.

The police need the support of the local community to help in the fight against crime and I would urge everyone to consider participating in their local Neighbourhood Watch Schemes and the Ringmaster Messaging System. This will help the Police sustain these achievements in crime reduction.

Inspector Ged Boyer - Chiswick Police Station

October 28, 2004