Mormons obtain injunction against Chiswick preacher

Andrew Price believed he was saving members of 'cult'

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The Mormon Church has obtained an injunction against a local evangelical Christian, Andrew Price, who they accused of harassing its members. His attempts at preaching to them had become so persistent, including 4,000 phone calls, that they decided to seek an injunction restricting his contact with their members. Mr. Justice Beaston on granting the injunction said that Mr. Price's behaviour had bordered on the obsessional.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, Mr. Price of Weston Road, spent nearly three hours knocking on the door of an elder of the Church. The High Court also heard evidence that he sent numerous mobile phone texts and phone calls to members of the Church which is also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Court saw videos of Mr. Price preaching loudly outside one of the Mormon's Churches in Hyde Park. Witnessess also reported that Mr. Price had followed three Mormons across London on the tube preaching to them throughout their journey.

The Mormon church was asking the High Court to grant it an injunction to prevent him from continuing his protests outside its properties. It wanted him kept at least 30 yards from any of its Churches throughout the country. It also wanted him banned from making calls to members of their Church unless invited to do so.

When Mr Price, aged 44, took the stand he accused the Mormons of being a cult reportedly saying, "I would describe Mormonism in its presentation as being like the Venus fly trap. There is something attractive which lures an insect into the body of the plant. Then it closes and the plant is happy because it has its prey."

He admitted preaching outside their Churches and spending up to 8 hours a day outside their buildings but although he accepted he had a very loud voice he denied shouting or screaming. He said that he had persisted in his attempts to evangelise Mormons because he believed many of them had been brainwashed.

Although Mr. Price represented himself he now faces court costs of up to £30,000.

December 1, 2004