Belmont School attacker found guilty

Violent assault left victim fighting for his life

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Isleworth Crown court has heard about the horrific series of events that left a former pupil of Belmont School fighting for his life after a school centenary event. An altercation outside the school resulted in a one of a group of youths who had got into a disagreement with some of the guests at the party using a wooden pole to crack open the skull of Richard Walters.

Originally two men were in court facing charges over the matter. Tyrone Williams aged 18 of Rutland Avenue, Acton and Ahmed Hassan aged 19 of Park Road North, Acton were both accused of involvement in the attack. After legal deliberations the charges against Hassan were dismissed.

Richard , known as Ricky, had been attending the party on June 18th of this year. He had left the event to get cigarettes with Joe Turner who was aged 16. On their way they passed a group of 3 or 4 youths and words were exchanged.

According to a report in the Brentford, Chiswick and Isleworth Times, Joe Turner giving evidence to the court by video link, related how the group became aggressive towards them and sought to provoke a fight. Then as they made their way back into the school building Williams uprooted a wooden post that was being used to support a sapling and followed Ricky Walters into the school car park. He swung the post at his victim's head leaving him unconscious with a gaping wound in his head. At the same time another attendee at the party was being threatened with a knife by a member of the group.

The police were called at 8.20pm and they found Ricky in the car park. He was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to another in East London, where a CT scan revealed massive damage to the skull and internal bleeding. Emergency surgery was necessary to relieve pressure on his brain. He is still receiving neurological treatment and will have to have a metal plate fitted to his skull.

Richard's mother said following the attack, "We cannot believe that someone could attack him outside the grounds of a school during their centenary party, attended by children and adults of all ages."

Williams was found guilty of the assault and was remanded in custody to be sentenced in January.

December 17, 2004