Rena Salmon appeal unsuccessful

Guilty verdict in murder of Lorna Stewart stands

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Floral tributes outside the shop where the shooting occurred

The Court if Appeal have rejected an appeal made by Rena Salmon over her murder conviction.

In September 2002 she entered the Equilibrium beauty salon on Chiswick High Road (now called Red Chat) with a shot gun and killed Lorna Stewart who was her estranged husband's pregnant girlfriend.

Her lawyers were claiming that the original verdict was unsafe as it failed to consider properly evidence about Rena Salmon's mental state at the time of the shooting during her trial in May 2003. She claimed that her intention had been to shoot herself on the premises to damage Lorna Stewart's business. It was claimed that she was suffering from severe depression and was not responsible for her actions.

Lord Justice Rose told the appeal court that there was "no arguable ground" for ruling the murder conviction unsafe, saying nothing had been omitted in Judge Neil Denison's summing-up.

January 12, 2005