Students assaulted by gang on Dolman Road

Eleven youths launch cowardly attack for packet of cigarettes

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Two students were the subject of a terrifying attack whilst walking along Dolman Road last Friday night (7th January) at around 10.20pm.

They were around the junction with Fishers Lane when they were surrounded by eleven youths. They tried to run away but were kicked and punched leaving them shocked but without serious injuries. They had cigarettes and a lighter taken from them.

The attack was aborted when a woman driver stopped and shouted at the gang. Police would be very keen to speak to this woman and any other witnesses.

The students aged 22 and 23 were out with two female companions. Fortunately they were, at the point of the attack, walking some way behind and did not become involved.

Descriptions are available of 4 of the 11 suspects in the group. Suspect 1 is a mixed race male of about 18 years, 6ft 1" and an athletic build. He was wearing a black hooded top and dark bottoms. Suspect 2 is white, 5ft 10" tall with a bright red hooded top and white Nike trainers. He is described as being of stocky build with spotty skin, hazel eyes and a 'boyish' looking face. Suspect 3, who is white, was wearing a green parka. He also had bad skin and had short dark brown hair. Suspect 4 was white of a slim build with a pale face. He was wearing a grey hooded top with red trainers with a white strip down the side.

All the group were aged around 17 or 18. Apart from the suspects described above there were three Asian, three white and one black youths.

Police at this stage are not linking the assault to the attack on Ricky Walters which Tyrone Williams of Acton was recently found guilty of carrying out. A gang of youths were also at the scene of this attack which was only around 200 yards away from the incident on Dolman Road. Dolman Road runs parallel to the High Road between Sainsbury's and the Chiswick Health Centre.

If you have any information on this attack contact PC McNally of the burglary/robbery squad on 8247 5940.

January 12, 2005