Parking Permit report "called in"

Councillors send back report due to"disparity in resident's parking permit charges


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The decision of the Executive to approve the recommendations from the recent report, has been “called in” under the Overview & Scrutiny Procedure Rules.

The action was taken by Councillors Barwood and Thompson of the Conservative group and Councillor Morgan-Watts of the Liberal Democrats.

They gave the following reasons for calling the report in: “…because of the disparity in residents’ parking permits charges and other related matters”.

The author of the report, Cllr. Ruth Cadbury, has admitted that higher charges for areas like Chiswick and Brentford are unjustified and her original report recommended reducing differentials to a greater degree. However opposition at the Area Committee level in the east of the borough meant that these proposals were watered down.

A meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee has been called for Thursday 30th October to consider this call-in, and determine whether the matter should be referred back to the Executive for reconsideration.

Decisions have been "called in" before for scrutiny but in cases such as John Aird House and last year's car free day no change was made to the decision.

October 21, 2003