Latest figures show increase in local crime

VW break-in spree masks underlying improvement

Despite an overall reduction in crime across London boroughs, Hounslow has reported a rise for the second consecutive quarter (July to September 2002).

In Chiswick, incidents of reported crime rose by 7.8%, with the greatest number occurring in the Homefields ward (mainly East Chiswick). Vehicle crime rose sharply with Chiswick Riverside ward up by 63%. It was acknowledged that this rise was, in part, linked with the spate of VW break-ins in September last year (see related thread on forum for information). This increase bestowed Chiswick the highest level of reported vehicle crime in the borough.

However, not all bad news as incidents of burglary fell by a significant 17.2% and street crime was also down by a noteworthy 6%. However Homefields ward has highest incidence of burglary per household in the borough.

Chiswick also recorded the lowest borough figures for racially motivated crime, domestic violence and homophobic incidents.

January 23, 2003

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