Grove Park CPZ Back On The Agenda

Residents to be consulted over proposals to introduce new parking scheme

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Councillors have agreed to carry out another consultation amongst residents of Grove Park and Strand on the Green over proposal to implement Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ).

The decision was made a the Chiswick Area Committee Monitoring meeting held on Monday 16th March at which Councillors heard from residents of Elmwood Road who have for some time been very vocal in their support of a CPZ for their road.

A preliminary consultation on CPZ proposals for the Grove Park Area was carried out in May 2005. The overall response to the consultation was that the majority of respondents were against the proposals.

However, following further complaints from local residents, approval to consult again was requested in September 2007 but never went ahead as there were insufficient funds to implement a scheme and a consultation was likely to raise expectation.

The number and frequency of parking complaints received by the Council have increased recently, and from a wider area, particularly from the Riverside Ward. A number of local traders have also complained at the loss of trade which they say is due to their customers being unable to park.

Police have also complained at the 'obstructive and indiscriminate' nature of parking around Chiswick Station and have recommended ‘yellow line’ parking restrictions and controls to help improve road safety and access.

The Council's report states that the origins of the complaints they received did not readily identify an inclusive area of support for a CPZ. It was therefore suggested that a preliminary consultation should be carried out over a wide area to establish the extent of parking concerns, and where support may exist for a scheme.

In the preliminary consultation, residents and businesses in the consultation area will be provided with outline information on how CPZs operate and will simply be asked whether they experience parking difficulties and, if so, whether they would be in favour of parking controls.

The Committee would then use the results of this preliminary exercise to decide whether to proceed to the next, more detailed stages of design and consultation, and public exhibitions. The detailed design will include, for example, specific locations of permit holder ‘bays’ for residents and businesses, yellow line restrictions, and ‘pay & display’ parking for visitors to local shops and businesses.


March 19, 2009