Turnham Green Traffic and Transport Scheme Update

Chris Calvi-Freeman gives summary of Chiswick Area Committee planning decisions

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Chris Calvi-Freeman, Head of Transport for London Borough of Hounslow has provided ChiswickW4.com with a summary of Chiswick Area Committee planning decisions with regards to the Turnham Green Traffic and Transport Scheme.

1. Approvals Process

The results of the Option 6 Consultation were presented to the Chiswick Area Committee on 1 December 2008. The report and attachments, together with the minutes of the meeting, are available on the LB Hounslow website.

The report runs to about 40 pages and there are about 40 pages of appendices and attachments.

In summary:

• This report presented the results of the public consultation and proposed that this option, modified in light of the consultation, be implemented, subject to statutory consultation, final safety audit and TfL Network Assurance processes.

• The public consultation showed general support for Option 6. Several features of that option that were not supported were modified or dropped from the recommended scheme as presented on 1 December. The proposed routing on some of the bus services had also been further refined, but is ultimately subject to London Buses’ agreement.

• Of the 65 numbered items in the Option 6 consultation brochure, the report proposed that 48 proposals be implemented and 14 proposals be dropped. (The other three numbered items were for information only).

The Committee approved the report’s proposals, which are now subject to satisfactory conclusion of the statutory consultation, Traffic Management Orders, final safety audit and TfL Network assurance stages, which are now being progressed.

This process primarily involves letters, plans and schedules sent to statutory consultees including London Buses and the emergency services. This consultation closes on 6 March.

2. Traffic Management

A detailed list of proposals and planning decisions can be found here

3. Bus Routes

London Buses are considering all the proposals, as summarised here.

4. Implementation

I am hoping that we can commence implementation of the scheme next month, starting with the works at Arlington Gardens junction and the minor changes to Heathfield Terrace outside the Town Hall. The latter will be necessary if right turning E3 buses (from Sutton Court Road) are to be accommodated. The changes to the traffic signals are straightforward here (TfL will take the opportunity to replace their infrastructure). There is always a risk that there will be complications with buried utility services, but all utility companies have provided their plans and cost estimates and these are in line with the preliminary plans and estimates that informed the consultation and Area Committee report processes.

The more significant works, along Chiswick High Road (including the kerblines and new signals), are programmed to be undertaken during the summer when traffic volumes are lower and working conditions easier. TfL’s traffic signals people are still fine tuning their designs but should be finished in time for summer implementation. Again, there is always a risk of delay due to the statutory utilities.

The whole change process is much simpler than would have been the case under Option 1. Each change to the bus routes as above will of course see a reduction in buses using Sutton Lane North, which would finally have only route 272 and the 391 or 440 buses, totalling 8-10 per hour compared with the current five routes with about 30 buses per hour.

There is of course a risk that all this will be delayed if there are objections to the statutory consultation process. While I cannot speak for the Area Committee, I doubt whether they will want to revisit individual waiting and loading restrictions as approved on 1 December. These have already been extensively consulted upon and debated in full, and are designed to achieve a balance been road safety, traffic flow, and the availability of waiting and loading space.

Chris Calvi-Freeman
Head of Transport
London Borough of Hounslow

March 5, 2009