Clifton Cape appeal against Tower refusal

Developer still wants to build 28 storey on Chiswick High Road

The London Borough of Hounslow Planning Department have notified residents in the Gunnersbury area that the developers (Clifton Cape) have appealed against the decision of LBH Sustainable Development Committee which refused the Planning Applications for three sites adjacent to Gunnersbury Station early in 2002.

Since that time West Chiswick has been granted Conservation Area status which is known to have assisted the refusal of Planning Permission for an alternative proposal to build offices on the site of the John Bull Public House.

The proposals which were turned down include a 28 storey residential tower alongside the BSI building, a 9 storey office and 4 storey mixed residential / amenity complex on the John Bull site, and a food and drink outlet (rumoured to be a mini supermarket) between the proposed tower and the existing residential areas to the south.

The appeal was lodged with the Planning Inspectorate on the 29th May 2003, just 11 days before the time limit ran out and is being dealt with as a Secretary of State case. The letter from LBH states that any further representations must be lodged before 11 August 2003. Hounslow Planning Department will forward all the original submissions to the Inspectorate or you can send the to the address given below.

The West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society called an emergency meeting on Monday 21st July at 8pm in the Age Concern Hall Oxford Road North Chiswick.

Any comments you made following the original application will be taken into account by the Inspector in deciding the appeal.

If you did not comment or wish to add any comments write to the PINSAA SAC, Room 3/17 Eagle Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Way, Bristol BS1 6PN quoting ref no APP/F5540/A/03/1118628/1120552/1120555.

Ensure that any representations which you wish to make on the appeal are received by the Planning Inspectorate by 11th August 2003, otherwise there is a risk that your representations will not be considered.

We have also learnt that that the Inspectorate has turned down an appeal against a Planning Committee refusal for a 5 storey office building between Power Road and Thorney Hedge Road. Many West Chiswick residents hope it is an indicator for the future.

September 12, 2007

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