Meads Massacre League All-Stars

AFC Select Premiership Champions 0 Old Meadonians 5


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Old Meadonians


In one respect this headline is unfair. Whilst Meads, all pumped up and rightly proud of their position as champions, were able to, and did, tear into the opposition, the ‘Select’, representing the league, and needing to be on their best behaviour, seemed to play in the more circumspect manner, possibly finding it hard to answer ‘fire with fire’. On the one occasion that Colin Hawkins was dumped the partisan crowd roared its disapproval.

Meads’ back four were, ‘comme d’habitude’, mean with the chances they allowed to the Rep. side, helped out by the usual high work rate in mid-field, which was inspired by Mr Perpetual Motion, Kevin Quinn, the calm and measured promptings of Cap’n Jack Costello and ably abetted by Ben Fox and young Rupert Cope. However it was the variety of Meads’ attacks, the speed with which they developed and the ferocity with which they were delivered that was the key to Meads’ success. I’ve seen angry wasps coming out of a nest which was under threat that were more lethargic than the champs and quite honestly the Reps didn’t know what hit them.

The pitch was a decent size, unlike the one at Donkey Lane the previous Saturday and Hawkins’ acceleration and mesmerising dribbling and Ezra Chapman’s ball-holding ability, strength and naked aggression up front tore holes in a defence that looked what it was, a group of talented players who had never played together. This is not meant to be a criticism of the Select management, because they are doing a difficult job thoroughly.

Goals came steadily throughout the first half, the first after only five minutes from Dan Salanson’s clinical spot-kick, courtesy of the first of Hawkins’ many forays which was illegally ended. Next it was Hawkins the provider as he put Jack Costello in on twenty minutes and then Barry McGuinness who has been spurred to rejuvenation by the threat from new entrants to the squad, frisked through the middle and released Chapman with a message of doom for the Select.

HT Select 0 Meads 3

The second half was a triumph in the Roman sense, with Meads parading their all round skills against opponents who had long since been subdued. In the first half even fullbacks Salanson and McGuinness were prominent in attack. Now they were joined in what had become a romp as Paul Smith, John Pointon, Dave Butler, Dwayne Rhone and Ian Williamson came off the bench. Len Wapshott put the final touch with five minutes to go but not before Colin Hawkins capped his virtuoso display with a fine solo effort.

Finally thanks were given to Hanwell Town F.C. for hosting the match and the evening was rounded of by the presentation to Jack Costello of a magnificent silver cup donated by the league’s sponsors. Meads’ thanks are due to Stewart Minors and Dave Harvey for their organising the league’s side of things.

Team & subs: Needham, Wapshott K., Salanson, Smith, Wapshott L., McGuinness, Costello, Fox, Quinn, Cope, Hawkins, Chapman, Butler, Rhone, Williamson, Pointon.

Amateur Football Combination

Old Meadonians 3 Old Albanians 1

Fresh from their euphoric win over an under rehearsed League Representative Team at Hanwell Town in mid-week, Old Meadonians came down off cloud nine to grind out three points from a run of the mill match at Riverside Lands on Saturday.

Faced with a team who were content to pack their defence and let Meads come to them the hosts felt unable to trust the surface enough to draw the visitors out by playing the ball around at the back. Most of Meads’ progress came via strong running from wing backs Dan Salanson and Barry McGuinness prompted by Jack Costello and Kevin Quinn in mid-field but too often there was over elaboration at the front where Colin Hawkins and Ezra Chapman seemed to be suffering from their mid-week efforts. It was fitting that Meads goals, whilst resulting from sustained pressure came from scraps snapped from lapses in the penalty area rather than open play. The first fell to Chapman from ten yards mid-way through the first half, the second to Hawkins who reacted quickly to a keeping error twenty minutes after the restart and sub. Ian Williamson notched the third from close in with twenty to go. Albanians had got an undeserved consolation just before this. For Meads there was an outstanding contribution from Dwayne Rhone in mid-field and up front later and an encouraging debut from John Moffat. The visitors’ spoiling tactics, though perfectly legitimate while they remained within the laws spilled over into confrontation late in the game and this left a nasty taste in the mouth.
Team: Needham, Salanson, Wapshott, Smith, McGuinness, (Senat), Costello, Rhone, Quinn, (Moffat), Cope, Chapman, (Williamson), Hawkins.

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September 29, 2003