Bogus Police Officers Trick Burglary Victim

Elderly man from Spencer Road had £600 stolen

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A 69 year old burglary victim was tricked by men pretending to be police officers investigating the crime.

The victim, from Spencer Road, was originally burgled on 10th May when cash was stolen from his house. Last Friday, the 27th, a fake officer arrived at the man's flat and showed the victim a forged police badge, saying that he needed to look around the property. He asked the victim to stand in the hallway whilst he did so.

After a few minutes the man became suspicious and spoke to a neighbour, who called police. They then discovered that £600 cash had been stolen, along with some other goods.

Police are searching for a white male aged around 28, 5'11" tall with short black hair.

Anyone with information should call DC Jo Johnson on 8247 5940 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

June 3, 2005