Attempted robbery on French tourists

Two women misdirected down blind alley by youths

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Two French women on holiday in London had a lucky escape last week when they narrowly avoided becoming victims of a robbery. The incident took place just after midnight on June 3rd.

They were driving along Turnham Green Terrace when they stopped to ask directions for the address in Hammersmith where they were staying. Unfortunately the people they asked appear to have misdirected them down a dead end. They had just realised they had gone the wrong way when they saw the two people who had given them directions approaching them - one running and one on a bike.

One of the suspects opened the passenger door and attempted to drag one of the women out of the car. The driver then accelerated away to escape from the two youths. Police believe the two women, who are in their thirties, were able to escape because their attackers did not realise the car was a right hand drive and believed they were tackling the driver not the passenger.

The first suspect is described as a white male aged around 17 wearing a dark blue hooded top. He was riding a pedal cycle. The second suspect is described as a white male aged around 20 with 'light eyes' and blond hair.

If you were around the Turnham Green Terrace area at this time and saw anything that may be relevant to the investigation you are asked to contact TDC Stuart Couting on 020 8247 5940.

June 7, 2005