Burglars net haul worth nearly £20,000

Jewellery and watches taken Sutton Court Road house

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A resident of Sutton Court Road has had watches and jewellery with a total value of over nearly £20,000 stolen. The 42 year old man left his house at 12.30pm on Friday August 5th. He did not activate the burglar alarm because he believed someone else was still at home. However, when the home’s nanny returned at 5pm she discovered that the side door had been kicked open and that the of jewellery had been taken from a bedroom.

Items stolen included a £2,500 Tiffany bracelet, a number of watches - including a Rolex valued at £1,200 and two Patek Philippe watches with a total value of £13,000 - necklaces and earrings. A hi-tech television was also taken in the raid.

A footprint was found on the door through which the burglars had gained entry and is undergoing forensic examination.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact TDC Gavin Bolt on 020 8247 5940.

August 26, 2005