Chiswick Teenager Loses Appeal Against 23 Year Sentence

For his part in the kidnap, torture and murder of Mary-Ann Leneghan

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The Chiswick teenager jailed for life for his part in the kidnap, torture and murder of 16-year-old Mary-Ann Leneghan has had his appeal against his conviction rejected.

18 year old Indrit Krasniqi, part of a gang of six that carried out the 'revenge' killing in May 2005, was sentenced to 23 years in jail. Three judges dismissed his appeal along with those of three of his fellow gang members at the Court of Appeal yesterday (Tuesday 11th December).

All six were also convicted of the attempted murder of Mary-Ann's 19-year-old friend, who survived.

Following Krasniqi's conviction in April 2006, Mary-Ann Leneghan's mother hit out at the then Home Secretary Charles Clarke after it was revealed that Indrit Krasniqi should have been deported before he took part in the murder of her 16 year old daughter.

Originally from Kosovo, Indrit Krasniqi of Oxford Road North was found guilty of murder, attempted murder and kidnap but was cleared on two counts of rape during the high profile trail.

Indrit Krasniqi, who had lived in England since he was 13 and had been a resident of various children's homes, was due to be deported back to Kosovo when he turned 18 a month before the murder took place. 

Krasniqi had previously received two nine-month referral orders for assaults in South West London in 2004 and in January 2005 had been given a 40-hour community punishment for resisting a police constable and driving without insurance.  At the time of Mary-Ann's murder, he was on probation for driving and drugs offences.


December 12, 2007