Police issue warning to lone women drivers

Recent spate of incidents leads to safety concerns

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The Police in Chiswick


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Chiswick Police have issued a warning to women asking them to exercise caution when driving alone.

A 26 year old woman had her bag snatched from the passenger seat of her car last Tuesday as she sat at the traffic lights on Chiswick Lane waiting to enter the Hogarth Roundabout.

The incident happened at 21.30 when a black male aged around 20 years wearing dark clothing opened the unlocked passenger door, grabbed the bag and ran off.

The bag contained paperwork and a mobile phone.  If anyone witnessed this incident, please contact PC Simon Proctor on 020 8247 6155.

A further incident happened in Sainsbury's car park on Friday 23rd September at 21.15.  As she left the supermarket, a 30 year old woman noticed two men driving a black Porsche slowing around the car park. 

After loading her shopping in her blue Audi saloon, the woman was about to drive off when a man attempted to open her passenger door.  When he discovered the door was locked, the man hit the passenger window with an unidentified implement causing the window to crack.  The victim was able to drive off leaving the suspect in the car park.

The first suspect is described as a 30 year old white male wearing a beige jumper and jeans.  The second suspect, the driver of the Porsche, is described as a white male.

Any information regarding this incident should be forwarded to PC Paul Watson on 020 8247 6155.

September 27, 2005